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London’s plan to be a circular city


The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) unveiled a roadmap this week for transforming the English capital into a circular city.

By implementing practical measures across the city, and across industries, LWARB insists the circular economy can create 12,000 jobs and provide a net benefit to London of £7 billion annually by 2036. The plan spells out 100 actions that can be taken now to accelerate the process.

“The size of the circular economy prize for London is huge,” said Dr Liz Goodwin OBE, Chair of LWARB. “Cities are the engine room of the circular economy. London could receive a net benefit of up to £7bn a year by 2036 if we accelerate our transition, £2.8bn of which can be achieved by delivering the actions in this document. This route map is a major milestone and I would encourage all organisations in London to think about how they can benefit from a transition to a circular economy.”

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