|26 February 2016|


A part of the world renowned for its substantial and ongoing contributions to science and technology, Scotland is a great place for companies to advance product development thanks to the world class facilities on offer at the country’s universities.

Interface is now able to better link a diverse range of pioneering industries with Scotland’s universities through the launch of its Specialist Facilities showcase which promotes the range of facilities and equipment which are available throughout Scotland’s Higher Education Institutions and other research institutes to support commercial research and development activities.

These world class facilities, along with the support of the technical experts, offer cost effective solutions to help companies across all sectors to create, develop, test and analyse their products and ideas. For small companies where time, resource and budget may be limited these specialist facilities can help to improve the performance, cost and quality of products in a controlled safe and scientific environment. The types of facilities available include; 3D printers, microscopy, mass spectrometry, strength testers, sensory suites, virtual reality, greenhouses, clean labs, nutrition labs, human performance labs, DNA sequencers, pressure chambers, laser scanning and wave tanks.

The use of Specialist Facilities is a part of a full service package to support companies from accessing the specialist facilities to the assistance, training and knowledge of the in-house trained experts, reporting and translation of the results, consultancy for follow on projects and ultimately building strong and sustainable relationships with the academics and the universities.

Scotland offers this rich source of capability and Interface can help to match businesses to the right facilities and supporting expertise.