|15 March 2016|


Beijing-based life sciences company CapitalBio Technology has placed a major microarray printer order with Scotland’s Arrayjet after being “impressed by the advanced technology and the innovative design” of its products.

Arrayjet’s high throughput inkjet bio-printing instrument, will make a telling contribution to enhance CapitalBio’s production capacity producing faster and more accurate clinical diagnosis kits to assist further research into a range of medical conditions such as chromosome abnormalities and the blood disorder, Thalassemia.

The £350,000 contract from CapitalBio Technology, which produces a range of biomedical and DNA diagnostic kits, is testament to the growing reputation of Arrayjet as a global leader in microarray instrumentation.

Detection kits designed for clinical diagnosis constitute an important part of CapitalBio Corporation’s products and services – the parent company operates four research institutes and five subsidiaries – and clinical diagnosis based on DNA detection is increasingly recognised and accepted by doctors and patients. As a result, the market for CapitalBio’s detection kits is expanding fast.

To meet this demand, CapitalBio chose the Arrayjet Ultra Marathon II Microarrayer to achieve this for its customer base involved in clinical diagnostics, scientific research, and bio-safety testing.

The Ultra Marathon II gives CapitalBio the capacity to manufacture microarrays, often likened to microchips for biological tests, in a high-throughput and highly automated manner using some of the most advanced motion controls and linear encoders to enable the printing of DNA materials at high-density onto glass substrates. As part of its clinical diagnosis kits, the microarrays can provide answers to complex human health including inherited syndromes, the pre-symptomatic detection of cancer, autoimmune disease, and other treatable conditions.

“CapitalBio is one of the most respected names in the global life sciences field and this contract is hugely significant for us, helping to further our aims in the Far East,” explained Iain McWilliam, CEO of Arrayjet. “Moreover, the past year has seen keen interest in our range of Arrayjet instrumentation products from North America, Australia and now China, so I am delighted that our international focus continues to attract high quality biomedical and life science service providers. This is a significant coup for a growing Scottish life science instrumentation company which now has dynamic international reach.”

For CapitalBio, Dr Junquan Xu, CEO of CapitalBio Technology said: “I am impressed by the advanced technology and the innovative design of the Arrayjet Ultra Marathon II Microarrayer. We are glad to be the first user of the Arrayjet Ultra Marathon II Microarray machine with the inline camera QC system. Arrayjet constantly develops its products. This makes us optimistic about the prospect of long-term partnership with them.”

Arrayjet has had strong financial support from Archangels, the prominent Scottish-based business angel syndicate. Archangel Director, Mike Rutterford added: “This is yet another excellent contract achieved by Arrayjet and the ‘brand’ appears to becoming synonymous across the world with delivering instrumentation which has the precision and accuracy sought by many of the world’s top laboratories and science parks. Arrayjet is destined to be the partner of choice for so many of these research establishments.”