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Lidl begins autonomous truck journey


Supermarket giant Lidl is partnering with a Stockholm-based startup to harness its driverless – emission free – cargo trucks.

Lidl plans to to pilot Einride‘s T-pod vehicle in Sweden next Autumn. Launched in the summer, the T-pod is ‘an electric, self-driving vehicle that can be remotely controlled by drivers’.

”The supermarket industry is very transport intensive and will continue to produce high emissions as long as it is dependent on fossil fuel technology. During the 2016/2017 fiscal year, Lidl completely switched to alternative fuels such as electricity, natural gas, biodiesel or eco-labeled diesel, which reduced the environmental impact of transport by 25 percent. By switching to electric trucks, transport emissions can decrease by up to 100 percent. Einride’s self-driving T-pod is a big step forward in Lidl’s battle for fossil free transport,” said Johannes Fieber, CEO of Lidl Sweden.



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