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Let’s talk synthetic biology


The 10th anniversary European Innovation Summit (EIS) later this month will include a debate on the ‘synthetic cell revolution’.

Asking questions including: is it possible to build a living cell starting from its basic molecular components? – the session, being held in partnership with TU Delft, will tackle a frontier biotechnology topic with far reaching implications for the future of the world.


“Building a synthetic cell is one of the grand scientific and intellectual challenges of the 21st century.  At the same time the knowledge of life processes that will result from the construction of a synthetic cell has the potential to lead to a paradigm shift in biotechnology applications in all areas. Examples range from the design of smart drugs and drug delivery systems, to cell-based therapy, to the production of bio materials and bio fuels to new methods for pathogen control and for the prevention of animal and plant diseases,” the overview of the debate on the EIS website states.


The lunchtime debate – From Science to Industry to Society: The Synthetic Cell Revolution – on 27 November will discuss ways to maximise opportunities for the European industry and for its citizens; and how to secure Europe’s place as a leader in the field, in the face of competition from China and America.

Innovators Magazine is a media partner with the EIS, led by Knowledge4Innovation, and we will bring you all the key takeaways from the debate. Read the latest Impact Innovators, produced in collaboration with K4I, for more on the Summit, taking place from 26 to 30 November in and around the European Parliament.

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