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In January we ran a story about how to become a Climate Reality Leader through a global initiative led by Al Gore.

And we are delighted that our impact comms lead, Carlotta De Toni, will be joining the 38th Climate Reality Leadership Corps training programme in Berlin next month.

The internationally acclaimed course from the Climate Reality project, founded former US Vice President Gore, equips participants with the knowledge and understanding to become effective activists.

“I will be in Berlin next month to attend the @ClimateReality Leadership Corps Training. I can’t wait to learn more about the solutions available to reverse climate change and gain the skills to spread the word. I will also get the chance to meet @algore, the former vice president of the United States,” Carlotta posted on Instagram.

Carlotta, who has a background in food innovation, will be vlogging her Berlin experience on Instagram and on these pages.

Follow her on Instagram now and stay tuned.

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