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Leaders to reveal ‘circular visions’

Japan will host the second World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) later this year.

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, and the Ministry of the Environment of Japan are collaborating to deliver the second instalment of the Forum, which was held for the first time last year – in Helsinki.

Japan and Finland are two of the leading circular economy nations, and more than 1000 international stakeholders are expected to travel to Yokohama to discuss how to take forward sustainability solutions at all levels of society.

“WCEF2018 will revolve around topics on circular visions towards 2050, economic development and social equity in the circular economy, global value-chains and circular trade as well as shared mobility and future transportation,” the event website states.

And there are plenty of examples in Japan for participants to find inspiration in. Yokogawa, a multi-billion dollar global corporation headquartered in the country, has committed to becoming circular by 2050, while the 2020 Japan Olympics is on track to be the circular games.

WCEF2018 in Yokohama, Japan, takes place on 22-24 October 2018.

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