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Leaders invest in cyber security

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Australia and the European Union are taking steps to implement more robust strategies around cyber security.

The Australian Government is going to invest $50 million in a new Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) over the next seven years to better protect businesses and individuals.

“This investment will contribute to Australia’s reputation as a secure and trusted place to do business, enabling industry to attract and increase investment, trade and commerce and delivering broad economic benefit,” said Craig Laundy, Australia’s Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science.

The CRC will play an important role in Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy, which will also include multi-million dollar investment into cyber-related research and development projects.

And European leaders are making similar moves. Earlier this month Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, committed to doing more to safeguard citizens from the threat of cyber attacks. He confirmed a European Cybersecurity Agency will be established as part of the continent’s efforts to “protect Europeans in the digital age”.

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