|23 May 2016|

The pioneering International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is celebrating its fifth birthday.

IRENA’s engagement with more 175 countries is producing outcomes that are filling knowledge gaps, strengthening domestic capacities, informing policies, highlighting the business case and raising awareness about the many benefits of renewable energy.

“The five years since the establishment of IRENA as a fully-fledged intergovernmental organisation have seen unprecedented development in the deployment of renewable energy at a global scale,” said Adnan Z Amin, IRENA Director-General. “Renewable energy has emerged from the margins of the global energy system and is increasingly seen as the solution to a myriad of challenges including climate change, air pollution, energy security, energy poverty and sustainable economic development.

“The growth of IRENA as an Agency is not just an IRENA success, but rather a testament to the strong commitment to renewable energy worldwide.”

To push forward the work of the Agency into its next five years, more than 300 high-level government representatives from 94 countries will gather for IRENA’s 11th Council meeting tomorrow in Abu Dhabi.