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Label innovation promotes clean energy

|26 September 2016|


Companies committed to meeting the UK’s climate targets are being supplied with Energy Labels which confirm the source and carbon content of their clean electricity.

SmartestEnergy, the UK’s leading purchaser of electricity from renewables generators, has given 500 companies – including the University of London – the labels in a move designed to boost the renewables industry.

SmartestEnergy Chief Executive Officer Robert Groves said: “For a while now, business customers have been calling for increased transparency around renewables to help them make the decision to switch that much easier. We now supply over 3TWh of renewable power – equivalent to the power needed to operate all of the streetlights in the UK for three quarters of a year – all backed by origin certificates and evidenced by our Energy Labels, so the momentum for businesses to buy renewable is really growing. We call on other suppliers to provide the same level of clarity that we give our customers to help drive the renewables market and enable businesses to buy clean energy with confidence.”

SmartestEnergy’s work with the Carbon Trust has enabled it to produce the labels.

The company’s website said: “Every megawatt hour supplied is backed with an origin certificate, which is tracked and allocated in an Emissions Factor Model which has been certified by the Carbon Trust to be compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard.”

It has been shortlisted as the ‘Innovation of the Year’ at The Energy Awards in November 2016.

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