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KLM and Costa Rica sign biofuels deal

Airline KLM and the Costa Rican Government are partnering to progress the use of bio-based jet fuel.

The pair have signed an agreement to look at using the fuel to fly from San Jose, in what is a first of its kind deal between an airline and a national government.

KLM is a world-leader in advancing aviation biofuels. It is the only European carrier currently offering intercontinental flights that include a percentage of sustainable biofuel. And the Dutch giant’s Corporate BioFuel Programme (CBP) also offers business travellers flight options that use a percentage of clean power.

The new pact between KLM and the Costa Rica will also include collaboration with the airline’s SkyNRG platform, which aims to make sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) the new global standard. Something that is vitally important in the quest to tackle climate change, as biofuels can reduce emissions by up to 80%.

“This cooperative effort is a new step in making civil aviation more sustainable. The greater the production – and, therefore, the greater the supply of biofuels – the lower the price will be and the more businesses will use it. KLM and Costa Rica are taking the lead, now. It would be great if other airlines, governments, and the entire biofuel supply chain took such steps,” said René de Groot, Chief Operating Officer of KLM.

It is the latest move by an industry increasingly shifting its focus to sustainable biofuels.

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