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A journey towards sustainable fashion

The Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam is educating people about where their clothes come from and what types of sustainable options are out there.

Launched last October, the museum element of the global good fashion platform, is launching its second theme, NAKED, to take visitors on a transparent journey through the industry. The Fashion for Good Experience will also showcase six new brands within the ‘in the Good Shop’ theme.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to push sustainability forward in the fashion industry. We are so inspired by the Fashion for Good Experience. It educates visitors about the social and environmental impacts of fashion in a compelling way, but the focus is on real, accessible ways everyone can make a positive impact and commit to taking action. We need to start a revolution in the fashion industry, and Fashion for Good is helping chart the way forward,” said Yael Aflalo, from Reformation, one of the brands being featured.

Access the Experience at the Fashion for Good HQ on Rokin 102.

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