|1 February 2017|


Pioneering, game-changing, innovative – Meta is all of these and a lot more.

Its second generation augmented reality (AR) glasses are inspiring developers to make AR real for lots of industries.

And at the Sundance festival, thanks to Meta, the first ever AR installation took two people on a journey into the human brain – it was the first collaborative AR experience to debut Sundance Film Festival. With The Journey to the Center of the Natural Machine, AR allowed the pair to go where no neuroscientists have gone before.

“Through Journey, we aimed to make the Meta 2, and more broadly AR, an educational tool – one that brings history and science (otherwise dry subjects for most people who remember their school days) to life by having people become a part of those lessons. No longer do we have to imagine what classroom lectures look like in the future – we can experience those immersive and highly interactive lessons through AR, and share them with other people by making them the center of a memorable journey,” a Meta blog stated.