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Global Game Changers (GGC) 2018 takes place five weeks today in Glasgow.

Innovators Magazine and Newsquest Media partner on GGC, launched in 2017 as one of world’s first cross-sector platforms rewarding impact towards the – which came into force the year before. The ceremony at Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel will raise awareness of the  – the work of those taking part – and inspire others to innovate to help achieve them. With entries up over 100% in 12 months, and received from a dozen countries, it is clear businesses of all sizes are accelerating their efforts in this area.

As we reported yesterday, there was a combined revenue generated in 2017 in excess of US$105 billion, split 60/40 between sponsors and entrants, by the pioneering companies involved in Global Game Changers 2018. It demonstrates the financial savvy of working to deliver the 


“Businesses that want to be around in the future need to make sure they have dynamic systems-based business models, and include the Global Goals as the foundation that provides the resilience to hold their business together well beyond 2030,” said Marc Buckley, GGC 2018 keynote speaker.


There will be plenty of clean energy innovation to be discussed during tomorrow’s judging session, including from one of the biggest brands on the planet, which is developing vital off-grid solar services.

Global Game Changers 2018 will be held in Glasgow’s iconic Grand Central Hotel on 12 September – book your tickets now.



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It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!


It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!

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It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!


It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!


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