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Unearthing food entrepreneurs who can grow food in the heart of New York for a local clientele is the aim of a pioneering urban farming initiative.

Kimbal Musk is one of the entrepreneurs behind Square Roots, an urban food accelerator where innovators take forward their ideas – inside shipping containers located in Brooklyn – for developing indoor farming businesses.

He blogged: “We first announced Square Roots last August, with the mission to empower a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders in the real food revolution. We built a campus of indoor, controlled climate, hydroponic farms in the middle of Brooklyn, and created a first-of-its kind 12 month program to coach passionate people to grow real food, sell locally and build sustainable businesses.

“Square Roots Season 2 will be a 13-month long program, starting in October this year, where entrepreneurially-minded individuals will have access to the full Square Roots platform — from the container farms, to specialist skills training, to our network of experts and leaders, all while running an urban farming business. Graduates are uniquely positioned to embark on a lifetime of real food entrepreneurship — with the knowhow to build a thriving, responsible business.”

Kimbal added: “Square Roots Season 2 will still be located in Brooklyn and, again, we’re looking for ten passionate people who can commit to living in New York for the year and want to bring real food to New Yorkers.”

Season 2 is open for applications now.


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