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Join the fashion revolution

Take part in this month’s Fashion Revolution Week and help accelerate the move to a sustainable industry.

Innovators Magazine was a panelist with the Fashion Revolution platform on a circular economy Twitter chat hosted by Ashoka and the Thomson Reuters Foundation last year.

And its upcoming Fashion Revolution Week is one of the many initiatives it spearheads to actively engage people worldwide to the need for green threads.

“Fashion Revolution Week is our #whomademyclothes campaign in April, which falls on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013. That is the day Fashion Revolution was born. During this week, brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain,” the  Fashion Revolution website states.

The week-long campaign runs from 23 to 29 April.

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