Everyone is being encouraged to join in social media celebrations today marking the 20th anniversary of the historic Kyoto Protocol.

The deal made in Japan in 1997 saw countries commit to binding climate reduction targets. It also paved the way for the 2015 Paris Agreement and the growing unity among nations to take bold moves in tackling the challenge of climate change.

“People can take selfies of themselves, friends or family holding up signs saying “I Love the Kyoto Protocol”, and post these images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with the hashtag #ILoveKyotoProtocol. We will select the best and share them on our own social media platforms,” the UN said.

And the journey continues tomorrow in Paris with the One Planet Summit. World leaders will gather to lay out plans for financing climate action projects in developing countries.

Stay tuned to all the announcements on social media using the hashtag #OnePlanet