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Japan’s low carbon ambitions on track

An autonomous energy system installed at a Japanese train station will ensure the lights stay on in the event of a disaster.

Toshiba announced this week that its hydrogen energy system, which provides off-grid electricity, is now operational at Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station in Kawasaki City.

In addition to supplying energy if there is a black out, the company’s H2One™ system can also be used on a daily basis to give the station power independent of mains electricity. And in the winter the warm water it produces will be channeled through the benches to heat them up.

Hiroyuki Ota, Project Manager, New Energy Solutions Project Team of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Company said: “I am delighted that we have installed an H2One™ at a train station for the first time. I am sure use of the BCP H2One™ will save energy and raise environmental awareness among passengers using the station. Our goal is to help realize a low carbon economy where CO2-free electricity from hydrogen is widely used.”

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