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Jakarta champions circular thinking


A US-Indonesian led project to produce bioproducts from waste will ‘demonstrate the sustainable circular economy in action’ it has been claimed.

The JababECO initiative supported by US Vice President Mike Pence on his recent trip to Jakarta, will see Greenbelt Resources Corporation and PT Jababeka Tbk join forces to convert municipal waste collected locally in to things like fertiliser, animal feed and distilled water, which will be sold back to the local market.

“Our technology was specifically developed to address local municipal waste needs, a tremendous challenge in growing cities like Jakarta. We’re excited for this opportunity and believe that out of this project, we can create a new model of municipal waste management for cities across the country and around the world,” said Greenbelt Resources CEO Darren Eng.

Jababeka & Co. Chairman and Founder, Setyono Djuandi Darmono added: “We’re building cities of the future that create interconnected communities through the latest and most promising technologies from waste water management to fiber optics to sustainable energy. New cities need new and innovative approaches to growth challenges and we believe Greenbelt Resource’s JababECO technology will prove to be an ideal local waste solution for our cities’ local needs.”

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