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It’s time to design a circular future

There is one week left to enter a $1 million circular economy challenge – led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – and help design a sustainable plastics industry.

The million dollar Circular Design Challenge, supported by OpenIDEO, was launched in May and has already attracted more than 200 entries. It is part of the New Plastics Economy initiative – being spearheaded by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

“The challenge specifically targets the re-design of small-format items – which make up 10% of all plastic packaging – and generally don’t get recycled today, either because they are so light and small they get filtered out in automated sorting processes, or because they are not worth the effort to be collected and sorted manually. Such items include things like sauce and shampoo sachets, wrappers, tear-offs, straws, take-away coffee cup lids and bottle caps,” the New Plastics Economy website says.

The deadline for entries is 28 July.

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