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It’s a milestone moment for us

This is the 5000th article on Innovators Magazine online since our launch five years ago. Check out our timeline to see some of our milestone moments so far – and catch up with a few of the special editions we have produced.

A big thanks to our fantastic community of connections, all independent professionals passionate about inspiring transformative change through impactful communication, who all contribute to the magazine in a variety of ways.

We have been able to publish some amazing contributed articles. There are far too many names to mention them all but I would like to thank the following contributors – and great friends of the magazine: Marc Buckley, the magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Dr Paolo Arancio, Claudia Rinke, Dr Roland Strauss, Beatriz Carrer, Robbert Fisher, Dr Sandra Piesik, and the one and only Holly Robertson. A big thank you to our readers and subscribers as well.

The magazine’s partnerships and media tie-ups with events and initiatives including the European Innovation Summit, COP climate conference, Resilience Frontiers, Climathon – our idea for the Global Game Changers awards, the first international event recognising cross-sector achievements in impacting the UN Global Goals – have all been memorable.

This year has been like no other in recent history, though. When COVID lockdowns began earlier this year we used our newsletter to share news with innovators of international challenges and calls focussed on tackling the pandemic. And our wonderful Editor-at-Large, Marc Buckley, also started his podcast: Inside Ideas, which is the place to hear the most imaginative thinking on how we move our world on to the right side of history. We are also looking forward to working with Claudia Rinke on her podcast: Age of Artists, as we continue to grow our 1.5 podcast community.

The magazine is also delighted to be a partner of the Menu B initiative, launched this month on World Food Day, which will strive to inspire and accelerate people and planet-saving food solutions.

We have had a lot of good times and experiences so far creating communication platforms, events and content focused on inspiring actions aimed at tackling global grand challenges and will be doing our all in the next five years to make good communication one of key solutions in overcoming our biggest societal problems.

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Iain is an experienced writer, journalist and lecturer, who held editorships with a number of business focussed publications before co-founding and becoming editor of Innovators Magazine. Iain is also the strategic director for OnePoint5Media.

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