|7 October 2016|

A new study has revealed companies that invest in their internet of things (IoT) capabilities are reaping the benefits.

Xively by LogMeIn, Inc. released the findings of a new study – sponsored by LogMeIn and conducted by Harbor Research – this week. The Internet of Things Journey shows nearly all companies who have embarked on a connected product journey report both financial and customer experience benefits as a result.

“With proper strategy design and data management in place, the IoT can offer a range of benefits to businesses,” said Jessica Groopman, Harbor Research.  “Customer and product data are worth their weight in gold, but only if actionable.  In order to achieve the customer and business value of the IoT, data must be properly managed and integrated with critical support tools like CRM systems.”

The research found that 87% of the companies studied have seen revenue improvements as a direct result of connecting a product and over 90% saw improvements in business efficiencies and product uptime.