|27 January 2016|

Global energy generation and consumption will be revolutionised by the internet of things (IoT).

Nearly three quarters of the world’s energy is consumed by cities and IoT will be key to regulating usage over the next 25 years.

Street lights in Glasgow’s Merchant City, for example, are currently using technology to save the city money on its energy bill. To prevent waste, sensors are in place to detect motion, which then triggers full lighting.

But this is only the beginning. The billions of devices and smartphones connected to each other twinned with the use of sensors and big data will truly transform the way the world uses energy.

The IoT Tech Expo Europe in London next month, from 10 to 11 February at the Olympia, incorporates a Smart Cities conference, which “will cover all aspects of the development and future of smart cities including development, ecosystems, social considerations and energy.”

Innovators magazine is delighted to be a media partner of the event and we will be bringing you more stories on IoT and its impact on everything we do at home and in the workplace, online and in print.