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Intrepreneurs take centre stage

Creative Audi employees developed practical software prototypes for tomorrow’s business models during the third Audi IT Hackathon from July 19–21. Untethered from their daily routines, more than 100 employees from every AUDI AG division worked to fine-tune their ideas in innovation fields like big data, deep learning, virtual reality and wearable computing.


Audi has been busy unlocking ideas from the huge pool of talent in its midst – at the company’s third IT Hackathon.

Spread over two days, more than 100 employees from every division, gathered to compete in teams to create ‘practical software prototypes for tomorrow’s business models’.

Mattias Ulbrich, Chief Information Officer at Audi, said: “We have outstanding talent here at Audi, with an incredible number of creative ideas. With the Audi IT Hackathon, we wanted to give them the opportunity to develop and implement these ideas in an inspiring atmosphere and in interdisciplinary teams.”

Tapping into the innovators in its own ranks is a savvy move from Audi. In previous Hackathons the company’s employees have delivered ‘a machine learning chatbot for smart car booking’ and ‘developed a prototype that uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect damage to wheel rims on cars’.

“We continue driving progress on the projects after the Hackathon as well. For this, we are supporting the three winning teams with start-up capital as well as internal professionals who are helping with implementation,” added Gunnar Lange, Head of Audi IT Predevelopment and Innovation Management.

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