|23 February 2016|


Inovio Pharmaceuticals is making progress on creating a vaccine against the deadly Zika virus.

Results announced last week from its preclinical testing of its synthetic vaccine for the Zika virus induced robust and durable immune responses, demonstrating the potential for a SynCon® vaccine to prevent and treat infections from this harmful pathogen.

Inovio is developing its Zika vaccine with GeneOne Life Sciences and academic collaborators.

Dr J Joseph Kim, Inovio’s President and CEO, said: “Using our SynCon® technology we rapidly generated a synthetic vaccine candidate that shows promise as a preventive and treatment. With robust antibody and killer T cell responses generated by our vaccine in mice, we will next test the vaccine in non-human primates and initiate clinical product manufacturing. We plan to initiate phase I human testing of our Zika vaccine before the end of 2016.”