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Innovators tackle cyberbullying


Eight pioneering mobile technology companies have been named as finalists in a new cyberbullying challenge.

The d-LAB initiative, a programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, has selected the innovators that will battle it out for first place, including bosco – which provides real-time alerts on a child’s activity.

“The devastating impact of cyberbullying for its victims is recognised by the United Nations, which understands it as a serious manifestation of online violence. Cyberbullying affects a large percentage of children and teenagers and studies show that this number has grown year on year as the usage of mobile phones increases among younger children,” d-LAB’s website states.

Its challenge is to find ‘innovative solutions, approaches and projects’ with a ‘digital or mobile base’ that can tackle the problem.

The winners will receive support in taking their innovations forward, as well as being given a platform to market their ideas to key audiences, including investors attending next month’s Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

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The winner of the cyberbullying challenge will be announced next month.

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Cyberbullying challenge launched


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