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Innovation matters

We say it is one of the key ingredients to achieving the UN Global Goals.

And our role in the movement pushing for a fair and sustainable world is built on an idea, summed up perfectly by serial pioneer, Dr Bertrand Piccard, that ‘success will come from good communication’.

We label ourselves as more than a magazine; and Global Game Changers – which rewards cross-sector impact towards the #GlobalGoals as more than an awards. That belief stems from the commitment and knowledge of those that contribute and are connected with the publication.

As well as publishing inspiring stories and insight, via magazines, books and online; we also hold events, run social media campaigns and an awards. More than this though, we are trying out new communication ideas to find the best ways to maximise impact, engage people with Global Goals and help accelerate innovation that can achieve them. Some of those comms ideas will be tried out at next month’s Global Game Changers event in Glasgow.

And we want to connect with you on these areas, and encourage you to get involved with the events and initiatives we are part of, as well as those that we media partner with. So sign up for our weekly newsletter and stay informed with everything we’re doing.

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