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Innovation is the key ingredient

Innovation is a key ingredient in the food industry’s efforts to create a sustainable future.

Household name Tate & Lyle takes its social responsibilities seriously and has revamped its Food Systems Global Innovation Centre, which the company wants to play an important role in developing new methods and products for its customers.

The centre’s laboratories will focus on making technical breakthroughs across different areas of the food ecosystem while its customer-facing facilities will be a place where customers can get involved in events and workshops.

Gianluca Brusoni, Director Global Food Systems R&D and Applications, Tate & Lyle, said: “In Food Systems, we operate locally but innovate and share recipes and technical expertise globally, so that our teams of technical experts across the world are able to consistently provide our customers with the bespoke solutions they need in their local markets. Our Centre in Lübeck is very important as it is the hub through which this global innovation and expertise in Food Systems is shared.”

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food | water

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