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‘Innovate for Refugees’

Silhouette of a refugees family with children

The search is on for the best tech-driven solutions that can help tackle the refugee crisis.

Now in its second year, the Innovate for Refugees initiative, led by the MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) for the Pan Arab region, offers more than $100,000 in prize money. Entrepreneurs from around the world, including refugees, are invited to take part. And there must be at least one Arab national on every team that applies.

Hala Fadel, Chair of the board of MITEF Pan Arab said: “The great success of the competition last year was a key incentive for us to move forward, especially since this initiative contributes to the creation of innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by refugees. These projects are created by entrepreneurs from around the world, and more importantly, from the refugee community itself. There is a high percentage of educated youth among the refugees which has been reinforced by the spread of technology and smartphones in the camps. We would like nothing more this year than to increase the number of refugee participants in this competition. We will provide training courses to help them adopt a modern and scientific methodology which will in turn assist them in coming up with innovative ideas, delivered in the correct format. All of this will hopefully translate into practical projects that can contribute to meeting the challenges and crises in refugee communities.”

Applications are open until 27 November. The winners will be announced at a ceremony, held on January 27 and 28, in Amman, Jordan. Visit the website to apply and find out more.

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