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Industry shifts to circular thinking


An Italian company has developed technology that can produce secondary raw materials – from used nappies – which could be used to make things like fertilisers and high-end chemicals.

Fater, a P&G and Gruppo Angelini venture, has upgraded its tech and can upcycle used nappies into ‘plastics, cellulose and absorbing material’ to make them available for use in ‘higher value applications’. It is working with the EMBRACED consortium, funded by the European Union, which brings together 13 partners aiming to advance solutions that take secondary raw materials and turn them into a variety of bio-products.

“At Fater, we strongly believe in the potential of the circular economy of diapers recycling, as testified by several awards received in Italy and by the support of the European Commission. We started with diaper recycling in 2015, and EMBRACED represents a significant step forward, further encouraging us in our commitment to circular economy and in the development of a new venture that will start with the upgraded technology at our plant in Treviso, in collaboration with our partner Contarina,” said Giovanni Teodorani Fabbri – Fater AHP Recycling General Manager.

This project also supports P&G’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. The company is spearheading a number of pioneering initiatives around the world, including the development of a new plant in America – in partnership with PureCycle Technologies – that will convert polypropylene (PP) plastic into reusable materials for a variety of applications.


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