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Indoor farming in the spotlight


The Association for Vertical Farming’s (AVF) annual summit tomorrow will be live streamed.

A market predicted to be worth more than $6 billion by the early part of the 2020s, indoor vertical farming is a burgeoning industry increasingly featured on Innovators Magazine.

And the AVF summit, being held in Washington tomorrow, will bring together international stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by the growing movement for urban farming developments.

Aero Farms, a leader in the field, is striving to tackle the ‘global food crisis with technology’. We reported earlier this month that the company has been awarded $1 million to undertake research targeted at improving the quality of  produce made indoors. Its co-founder, Marc Oshima, will be one of the speakers at the AVF summit.

And it is easy to hear what he has to say and join the debate via the event’s live stream platform.

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