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IKEA signs circular economy deal

Finland is a global leader of the burgeoning circular economy.

There have been countless articles on these pages about the breadth of work it is doing in this area. We have labelled it the circular economy’s sweet spot and the place to call for a chat about sustainability.

Now IKEA Finland is getting in on the action. It has signed a deal with natural gas company, Gasum, to use food waste from its Finnish stores to produce biogas. Gasum gas stations will be built at Finnish branches of IKEA as part of the agreement, with the first one due to be in place at IKEA Espoo before the end of the year.

”Utilising the volumes of food waste remaining after our efforts to eliminate wastage is a sustainable act for the promotion of a clean energy form, biogas. As a company we’re determined to set a good example by adopting new circular economy approaches and hopefully at the same time inspiring consumers as well as other companies to take concrete environmental action,” said Country Sustainability Manager Tiina Suvanto from IKEA Finland.

Finland will be the first country in the world where IKEA will incorporate gas filling stations.

”Our partnership with IKEA Finland is a great example of comprehensive circular-economy cooperation benefiting all those involved. The opening of gas filling stations in conjunction with the stores will improve access to a cleaner road fuel among consumers as well as logistics operators,” says Jukka Metsälä, Vice President, Biogas, from Gasum. “Environmentally friendly biogas is beyond compare as a road fuel – it’s 100% renewable, local and inexpensive.”

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IKEA opens circular gas station


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