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‘If Carlsberg did’ clean energy

Carlsberg breweries worldwide will be powered by electricity generated from 100% renewable sources by 2022.

The drinks giant has pledged to do this as part of its plans to ‘eliminate carbon emissions’ from all of its breweries by 2030.

And the Carlsberg Sverige brewery in Falkenberg is showing the way, as its energy is now 100% renewable, coming from biogas and green electricity.

“Climate change is perhaps the most important issue for our society today, both for citizens, governments and companies all over the world, and we are very pleased with the positive development in Carlsberg Sverige. This underlines our willingness to contribute to tackling climate change at the same time as governments are focusing on scaling and speeding up impact at the COP23 in Bonn these weeks. Carlsberg Group will continue to chase our ambitions and targets, as we strive to brew for a better today and tomorrow,” said Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Sustainability Director, Carlsberg Group.

These targets at Carlsberg Group are based on ‘four sustainability ambitions’: zero carbon footprint; zero water waste; zero irresponsible drinking; and zero accidents culture.

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