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‘I believe in a better tomorrow’

It has been eye-opening to go through all the UN Global Goals on Instagram and discover what innovators are doing to achieve them.

Now that we know discussed each of the 17 Goals on Instagram we are going to keep spreading awareness and involving you in the #movethedate movement. Soon we will launch a new exciting campaign…I will keep you posted.

I have got to the last SDG, partnerships for the goals, this week. It is the keystone of the manifesto for sustainable development: all goals can be better achieved through cooperation and a shared strategy. We need to keep on building bridges among governments, citizens, academia and private sector to develop sustainably and leaving no one behind.

I hope that my Instagram campaign has inspired you and made you more aware of the Global Goals. I believe in a better tomorrow, and this is what motivates me to keep on sharing with you. My hope is that I might instill the desire to take action in just one of you.

Watch this space!

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Passionate about food innovation and sustainability issues, Carlotta was the first to join the Magazine's Impact Comms Programme in 2018/19.


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