Scotland is tapping into its natural distilling abilities and producing some of the world’s most unique and exciting gins.

It currently makes 70% of the gin coming out of the UK and, with new producers getting involved all the time, this number looks set to grow.

Pickerings Summerhall distillery is Edinburgh’s first gin distillery in over 150 years, and also in the capital, Daffy’s gin was established this year and is experiencing huge exporting success. Gleann Mor Whisky Company is another now applying its knowledge to gin production.

In Scotland’s biggest city, the Glasgow Distillery Company is producing Makar gin – an award-winning product that is being embraced warmly by customers in the UK and across the world.

Liam Hughes, the company’s CEO said: “By the end of the summer we anticipate that Makar will be in the US, Denmark, Dubai, France and Germany. This has been a result of market interest rather than us pushing it internationally. Our initial strategy always focussed on Glasgow and Scotland first, and our next stage is taking it south to London.”

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