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How to dress for the circular economy

What are the circular economy crowd wearing? We say: good looking clothes worn with a sustainable attitude…

Trash is being transformed into some stylish threads.

That are proving popular with some quite well known people.

H&M, a company with a vision to become 100% circular by 2030, has an extensive range of products designed with sustainability in mind – it even has something for the kids.

And for a bit of Italian style…

To support the fashion industry move to a circular model, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched the Circular Fibres Initiative last month.

“The Circular Fibres Initiative aims to catalyse change across the industry by creating an ambitious, fact-based vision for a new global textiles system, underpinned by circular economy principles, that has economic, environmental, and social benefits, and can operate successfully in the long term,” said Ellen MacArthur.

There are lots of household names – including Nike and Adidas – working hard to promote the circular economy and refashion an industry that is sending far too much waste to landfill – in America alone 85% of ends up there.

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