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How safe must autonomous vehicles be?

Tech developments and trials of self driving vehicles (SDVs) are stories we feature regularly.

But with some recent and well documented safety failures, how safe will autonomous vehicles need to be before they are accepted by the public? According to one new study, undertaken by researchers from Tianjin University and Chang’an University, they will need to be capable of cutting traffic fatalities by at least 75% to win public support.

“Our results and method may help government authorities to establish clear safety requirements for regulating SDVs and also help SDV manufacturers find consumers’ expectations for SDVs that must be met,” said Dr Peng Liu, assistant professor of industrial engineering, Tianjin University.

While another released last year by the RAND Corporation says they should be mainstreamed once they can outperform human drivers by 10%, as this will save lives.

The public will likely be won over as they begin to see new products enter the market and giants of the industry, including Hyundai Motor Company and Volkswagen, plan to deliver them within a few short years.

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