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How is the EU transforming cities?

A new booklet showcases 23 EU-funded projects that are injecting sustainable futures into urban environments.

“The cities of the future will not just be made of brick or marble: they will actively respond to the changing lives of modern people, encouraging us to care of each other and our environment. Urban innovation is as much about social cohesion as it is about energy efficiency, circular economy, urban mobility or smart technology. In modern cities, science is an everyday reality for people, where they will be actively involved in the innovations and discoveries that shape their lives. In fact, I think of an evolution of science towards a triangle between the public, scientists and data, with the public firmly at the top,” writes Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation in the foreword. “This booklet shows concrete examples of how EU research and innovation investment is transforming our cities, from the air and water to the way we eat and move, and how these changes reflect on society, the climate and the economy.”

Check out the booklet.

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