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‘How can you reimagine creativity?’

The iconic Tribeca Film Festival has always been a trailblazer for progressive ideas that challenge accepted norms and encourage fresh perspectives. Building on this spirit of innovative thinking, it has joined forces with IBM to launch a competition: Storytellers with Watson. 

IBM’s Watson “is a cognitive system enabling a new partnership between people and computers” and this new competition is a space to explore where that relationship can go. Creatives can look at how the tech can help them realise their vision for telling stories and conveying messages in more imaginative ways.

The application process is now open for participants in America to spell out how they would harness the technology to any variety of storytelling platforms, including film, augmented reality and gaming.

“The Tribeca Film Festival has always been a celebration of innovation and cutting-edge ideas,” said Andrew Essex, CEO at Tribeca Film Festival. “Since IBM Watson has been a big influence across many industries, we’re eager to see how our creative community will apply this technology to inspiring their own creative potential. Our collaboration with IBM is important to our mission because it spurs our community to push the limits of what they think is possible and find new inspiration that can redefine their approaches to art and storytelling.”

David Kenny, Senior Vice President of IBM Watson and Cloud Platform, added: “Cognitive computing is driving incredible advancements in what humans and machines can do together, and one of the areas where we’re seeing this accelerate is within media and entertainment. Some of the best ideas come from our developer partners, and the Tribeca Film Festival community represents a wellspring of creativity and imagination. Through this competition, we’re eager to engage this dynamic group to see how they apply Watson to solve challenges and enhance the stories they tell.”

The deadline for submissions are May 18, 2017.

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