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How are you flying without fuel?


Bertrand Piccard told us success will come from good communication – and we are committed to harnessing it to inspire ideas that can impact the UN Global Goals.

One way to do this is to celebrate innovation contributing to the #GlobalGoals – to inspire others; and that is what we want to do with Global Game Changers (GGC): a cross-sector awards platform that rewards impact towards the Goals. There is a week remaining to enter GGC 2018, which we organise with Newsquest Media.

Today we are calling on innovators to enter one of 10 categories, like the new Moonshot Award…


Serial pioneer Bertrand Piccard told Innovators Magazine in 2017 “You don’t innovate with a new idea, you innovate when you understand the paradigm that prevents you from moving ahead, and you get rid of this paradigm.” How are you shifting paradigms to create or demonstrate ways in which a better and more sustainable world can be achieved?


Bertrand is a huge inspiration for this new title, a man that has delivered the seemingly impossible many times; like flying around the world in a plane using only the power of the sun.

“When I initiated Solar Impulse, the paradigm was that you can never fly longer than the 20 days that I did with my balloon around the world, because after 20 days – which was a long flight – you have no fuel, so you cannot continue.  So you think ‘OK we can never progress, we can never get better’ but that’s wrong. The paradigm is you have the fuel and you fly as long as you have the fuel. So to change the paradigm you need to stop having fuel. And Solar Impulse is a plane that changed the paradigm and flew with no fuel, and could actually fly forever,” he said.

Apply now for the Moonshot Award – or any of the 10 categories – by 2 August; it is open to all – wherever you’re based.

Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel hosts the ceremony on 12 September, with Global Goals advocate Marc Buckley giving the keynote speech.



Read the full interview with Bertrand from 2017, published in our special edition for the inaugural EU Top 50 startup/scale-up event held as part of the European Innovation Summit in Brussels.

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Iain is a creative writer, journalist and lecturer, and formerly an editor of two international business publications. Iain is now editor of Innovators Magazine, as well as the strategic content director for OnePoint5Media.


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