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Houston shines on Earth Day


Airports, wastewater treatment plants and a zoo are just some of the places in Houston switching to solar energy.

On the day the world celebrates Earth Day 2017, they will start receiving cheap and clean power from ENGIE’s 50 MW SolaireHolman plant. With 203,840 solar panels spread across 360 acres in Alpine, Texas, it is one of the state’s largest solar projects.

Brought online by ENGIE subsidiaries Solairedirect North America and ENGIE North America, it could supply Houston with up to to 10.5% of the city’s electricity.

“We’re very proud to serve the City of Houston, a national innovator and substantial customer by any measure,” said Marc-Alain Behar, Managing Director for Solairedirect North America. “One of the most gratifying parts of our work at ENGIE is aligning with customers to provide the best value we can. Through SolaireHolman, the City of Houston will strengthen its energy portfolio with clean, low-cost solar power for the benefit of all the people who live and work in this vibrant community. What an excellent way to mark Earth Day 2017.”

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