|8 February 2016|

An Edinburgh headquartered holographic 3D visualisation company has secured €1.28million to develop its pioneering medical imaging technology.

Holoxica was awarded the money from the European Commission’s Horizon2020 SME Instrument, the largest ever EU Research and Innovation Funding Programme, will help progress an innovation which will use motion holographic video displays for faster interpretation of 3D scan images leading to better quality surgical procedures.

from the European Commission’s Horizon2020 SME Instrument, the largest ever EU Research and Innovation Funding Programme

Holoxica will use the funding to build a prototype holographic video display for use in CT, MRI and Ultrasound volumetric scanning and as Dr Javid Khan, founder and CEO of Holoxica, explains, the potential for this ground-breaking disruptive technology will be keenly anticipated by clinicians and surgeons and tap into a market for medical imaging 3D display which is set to be worth an estimated $4.3bn by 2020.

The concept behind the innovation is simple: 3D images should be viewed in 3D easily and comfortably. Current solutions to viewing 3D images using glasses or optical tricks are too clumsy and awkward, leading to problems like motion sickness and disorientation. Holographic technology offers a solution to this problem.

“We see holographic video displays completely transforming the field of medical imaging. In recent years, there has certainly been improvements in the clarity and detail of datasets produced by Ultrasound, CT, PET and MRI scanners, but whilst these machines generate 3D volumetric imagery as a series of 2D ‘slices’ scanned through the body using radiation, we can present the scans as wholly 3D images via holographic volume displays.

The display essentially performs the inverse operation and converts radiation into a photonic representation, showing the 2D ‘slices’ as a series of ‘light sheets’ suspended in free space.”

Caroline Gray-Stephens of Scottish Enterprise’s Enterprise Europe Network team, said: “Holoxica’s success is remarkable given the fierce competition from businesses across Europe to access this funding, it’s great to see a Scottish company succeeding against some of the top European innovators.

“However, this is about more than just funding – Holoxica will also receive free business coaching as part of the package of support, and the Enterprise Europe Network team will be on hand to support the company as they commercialise their pioneering medical imaging technology.”