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H&M to become 100% circular

Karl-Johan Persson, CEO


Global fashion giant H&M has a vision to become 100% circular by 2030 and use only recycled or other sustainably sourced materials.

Launched in 1947, the Swedish company is now a household name worldwide and it takes the responsibilities such corporate influence brings very seriously.

With a new sustainability strategy goal towards circular and renewable fashion, H&M is leading by example and acting now to deliver change. It launched its garment collecting initiative in all stores globally in 2013 demonstrating an appetite to act rather than talk.

Speaking at today’s H&M Change-Makers Lab event, CEO Karl-Johan Persson said: “Our long term aim is to reuse and recycle all textile fibres for new use and by 2030 our goal is to have 100% recycled or sustainably sourced materials. We want to become fully circular in our business”

He said unwanted clothes need to be viewed as a “valuable resource” as the demands of a global population predicted to hit 10 billion by 2050 meant we “must change how fashion is made and consumed”.

On advancing the renewable element of the strategy, Karl-Johan added: “We want to be climate positive throughout our value chain by 2040 and reduce  greenhouse gas emissions by more than our value chain emits. We will focus on energy efficiency in our stores and support those in the value chain by working with suppliers and transport companies. We will also push renewable energy. We want to be 100% renewable in our operations, we’re at 96% today, and also work at the back end of the supply chain. And we want to combat emissions by supporting initiatives like protecting the rainforests and new tech innovations.”


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