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Help reshape the fashion industry

A team of multimedia storytellers wants your help in raising awareness of the ‘sustainability crisis’ facing the fashion industry.

Plans for the ‘Beyond the Label’ documentary are being led by Director, Claudio Montesano Casillas. The journalists need funds to support their efforts to convey both the challenges and solutions.

And new business models and practices are needed to transform the industry and reduce its negative environmental impact. In America alone – for example, 85% of apparel ends up in landfill.

“It seems to us that one of the reasons why change is taking so long is that there is no ready-made or one-fits-all solution. There is, however, a wide array of encouraging initiatives promoted by daring new players and people of goodwill. From innovative traceability technologies, to chemical-free compostable clothes, to plant-based textiles that absorb CO2 or generate more energy than their own manufacturing process requires. We want to explore this existing network, connect the different dots together and rethink the whole industry to bring out a new model,” the documentary kickstarter page states.

Contribute to the kickstarter now and use hashtags #beyondthelabel and #problemsintosolutions to promote it via social media.

Listen to Claudio’s message.

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