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A sweet approach to sustainability


Eating doughnuts is a pretty cool way to learn about anything. And in Finland it is being used to raise awareness about the circular economy. Other subjects take note – your popularity will skyrocket if you take such a sweet approach.

And that’s exactly what Neste and Fazer Bakery are doing. The pair are partnering on the Doughnut Trick campaign; with Neste taking the oil used to fry the bakery’s doughnuts and converting it in to renewable diesel.

The companies are running the initiative to alert people in Finland to the huge potential of the circular economy and recycling. The oil from the May Day doughnuts will be converted into Neste MY renewable diesel: about three doughnuts worth of waste would power a vehicle about one kilometre.

“Through the Doughnut Trick, we want to illustrate how waste and residues can be reused to produce new products, in this case high-quality Neste MY renewable diesel,” said Johan Lunabba, Director, Sustainability at Neste.

It is also a useful way of reminding citizens not to pour oil down the drain. The more people understand and engage with the value of waste, the quicker circular principles will take hold.

“We were immediately inspired by the cooperation idea, as Fazer Bakery’s primary goal is to prevent the generation of waste and to reduce its volume. In our opinion, this is a great way of introducing people concretely to the circular economy, and at the same time to support a good cause,” added Nina Elomaa, Director, Corporate Responsibility at Fazer Group.

Neste and Fazer Bakery say they plan to continue working on projects and innovations that boost recycling rates and reuse of waste.

The monetary value of the fuel will be given to the Finnish chapter of SOS Children’s Village International.


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