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The Circular Economy Transition, Switzerland


Hands up for a circular economy

Switzerland’s Circular Economy Transition initiative is dedicated to supporting startups that can accelerate the country’s transition to circularity.

It has put more than 50 startups through its Circular Economy Incubator programme, with the latest cohort of 33 set to start the three-month hybrid incubator next week. They include Mission Mycelium, which transforms waste products into valuable new resources; and digital platforms like Thingsy, and WiSort, that identify the circular potential in goods and point companies and consumers to ways they can ‘produce and consume more sustainably’.

“The hybrid program format simplifies participation from all parts of the country and increases flexibility for all participants. The central point of interaction is the digital ‘self-learning tool’, which includes all important programme materials and tools, and in which the startups work out important milestones together with their mentors,” explained Noora Buser, coordinator at the program organiser Impact Hub Switzerland.

The Circular Economy Transition, which has the backing of organisations including the MAVA foundationUBS, and Swisscom, exemplifies the culture of innovation that keeps Switzerland at the top of the global innovation league.

Read more about the startups in its ecosystem.

Calling circular pioneers

The Circulars Accelerator ’22 was launched this year by Accenture in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. The six-month programme is designed to catalyse actions that can accelerate the global transition to an equitable and circular economy.

Submissions will be reviewed in two stages. Stage 1 opens on 1st September. Successful applicants will be taken forth to Stage 2, and will be sent additional questions regarding their solution. Stage 2 is scheduled to open from 1st October. All submissions will close on 1st November.

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