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The world’s most impactful food innovation summit is calling on anyone under 30 to join its hackathon – supported by Bayer – and brainstorm sustainable agriculture solutions.

Seeds&Chips, which we are media partners with, includes the hackathon in a packed programme dedicated to transforming global food systems.

Anyone under 30 with an interest in agriculture, sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is invited to join this hackathon and come up with creative solutions for a better global future in agriculture.

The hackathon takes place on May 7 at Seeds&Chips, which runs from 6 to 9 May; and the winning team will be ‘sent to Monheim, Germany for the annual Future of Farming Dialogue at Bayer’s campus. Here they will have the opportunity to attend sessions, network and meet with Bayer leadership and Global audience media’. Sign up now.

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