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Growing a food innovation ecosystem


A family-owned global food business is inviting stakeholders to join with it in building an innovation ecosystem for the industry in northern Europe.

Fazer wants to hear from startups, investors, established companies and researchers who can help build an internationally significant – open innovation – platform to advance food and food technology.

“A more open and collaborative innovation approach can produce cross-disciplinary new growth opportunities for the entire food industry. We are now inviting companies and other players in the field to come together and build a new ecosystem to enable the renewal of the food industry. Together, we can promote socially significant and sustainable innovations,” said Christoph Vitzthum, President and CEO of the Fazer Group.

Fazer sells its bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products across eight countries – and exports to 40.

Päivi Juolahti, Head of Renewal in Fazer Group, added: “The food industry, particularly in northern Europe, lacks an ecosystem which targets on open and genuine co-creation. Through open cooperation, we are enabling new collaboration models and cross-disciplinary encounters to spark innovation. An open culture and increased cooperation already have enriched our thinking and made our operations more agile.”

Fazer wants interested parties to get in touch now and it plans to hold an event in November to take forward plans for the new ecosystem.



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