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Grocery shopping in 2042


What will the food systems of the future look like?

The Future Market – futurist food lab – initiative is offering potential answers to that very question. In June the ‘Future Market pop-up concept grocery store’ launched at an event in New York. Visitors to the store were able to step into the future, circa 2042, and get a glimpse at what the future of food might look like.

The pop-up unveiled ‘over 20 conceptual food products that show the long term potential of innovations ranging from vertical farming, to cellular agriculture, to precision nutrition’, the Future Market website states.

Its concept products include items like NanoFarm, ‘kitchen countertop farming containers’ where produce can be grown quickly; and a fresh water ‘bottled in casein-based Ghost Plastic’ that can ‘biodegrade in just four weeks’.

We started this project to spark imaginations among the people and organizations that make the world’s food,” Mike Lee, Founder The Future Market, blogged.

This ongoing project looks set to make a major contribution to the debate around the future direction of the industry.


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