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‘Green Package’ flights take-off


For the next three months selected flights between San Francisco and Singapore will use sustainable biofuels.

A partnership between Singapore Airlines (SIA) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will see an Airbus A350-900 partly filled with biofuels made from used cooking oil. A dozen ‘green package’ flights will be available over the three month period – the first flight arrived in Singapore yesterday.

“Singapore Airlines’ fleet is already among the most modern and fuel-efficient in the world. We now want to push ourselves further and are embarking on this initiative to help promote the use of sustainable biofuel in an operationally and commercially-viable manner. This is in line with our long-term commitment to further reduce carbon emissions while improving the efficiency of our operations. This initiative is especially memorable as our first biofuel flight departed from San Francisco on 1 May, when Singapore Airlines celebrated its 70th anniversary,” said SIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Goh Choon Phong.

The sustainable biofuel made from used cooking oils will be combined with conventional jet fuel.

Director-General of CAAS, Mr Kevin Shum added: “CAAS is pleased to support and participate in this initiative. This is part of CAAS’ ongoing effort to develop new initiatives to achieve the sustainable growth of aviation. Collaboration is key in this effort. CAAS is therefore committed to continuing our work with industry partners to advance and drive greater innovation on this front.”


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